The Grand Conspiracy

I am a ‘student’ at the ‘school’ known publicly as “Coopers Coborn and Company School”, but I choose to remain anonymous for reasons of personal safety. I hope you understand that if my identity should ever be leaked, my life would be in grave danger. My ‘School’ may seem harmless, but undergoing standard research for a history project I discovered that it is in fact a front for an international child-trafficking gang, grooming ‘students’ either to be trafficked internationally or to be amalgamated into the gang, in an attempt to protect the organisation’s public image. I should clarify – the gang does not consist exclusively of the official employees of the school, although I believe they all play a role in some capacity. In stead, they are merely one branch of the shadow group. When staff or teachers ‘leave’ the school, the reality is that either they have been transferred into some other sector, or they have been quietly murdered, and teachers supposedly hired by the school have in fact merely been promoted from, say, transport (one of the few sub-groups we can official name).

These may seem extreme claims, but sometimes the truth is extreme, and I think you’ll agree that the basic conspiracy I have outlined above is the only rational explanation of the large body of evidence I have gathered, and shall over time post here.

Together we can put an end to the madness.


Anan Amos


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