The Teachers

During my few years at the school, I have seen the flux of teachers greatly increasing. In the last year alone, some ten teachers have ‘moved school’, and at least three ‘sacked’. Of these teachers, none have revisited the school, none  have , and none have taken up a new job in the area. Most, in fact, have moved continent. Additionally,

The most striking case of this is of now departed headmaster Mr Mansfield (interestingly, as an aside, the last three head-teachers have had the initials D.J., suggesting it is instead some sort of code-name, or some such). Recently, Mr Threadgold has ‘gone to China’, to work in a supposedly prestigious Chinese academy. However, he has yet to appear on the supposed school’s staff roster. And at a recent prize giving ceremony, which at this school are famous for their pompously ostentatious and ceremonial nature, Dr Parry (the replacement headmaster) became visibly distressed when talking about Mr Mansfield, and once even referred to him as “our departed friend”. This suggests that Mr Mansfield is not living and working in Beijing, but is in fact dead. There are a number of possible reasons for this. One possible explanation is that the continuous references to China suggest a Triad influence in his death – if this were the case then its possible the school where unable to save him because they were forced to distance themselves from him, explaining why his death was never reported and why he was legally dismissed from service. Another possible explanation is that the ‘school’ itself is to blame for his death – perhaps he was close to revealing the ‘school’s secrets.

This explanation seems more plausible. It would certainly explain why there has bee a flurry of, particularly young and often unimportant, teachers leaving the school suddenly, why this trend is accelerating (a movement started by a few ‘back-benchers’), why the teachers leaving have been increasing in rank, and why the more senior staff that have left have been replaced by either teachers from outside of school, or otherwise ordinary teachers, rather than, say, the next-most-successeful faculty member, or someone with exceptional leadership skills. To avoid suspicion, the school has not updated its website’s list of staff since 2011, the start of the recent trend. When I asked school administration about the matter, they refused to comment. The school website has for some time now displayed a banner claiming an updated website is under development, which has also been proclaimed several times in school assemblies, but no details of supposed ‘updates’, nor any reason for them, nor any progress reports have been released, and upon enquiry all information requests are bluntly dismissed.


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